KCA Anticendi -CE Marked Equipment

Bladder Tank

The bladder tank is a component that is used for foam storage in a water foam system.  In a pressurised system, water pressure is being applied to the tank water supply piping. The tank water supply piping is connected to the system water supply so that it provides continuous water pressure to the bladder tank. In an un-pressurized system the bladder tank  is connected to the system piping in a manner that does not pressurize the bladder until the system trips. (i.e. deluge systems). The bladder tank can be placed horizontally or vertically.              

    Foam Proportioner

    Foam Proportioner is the device in which foam liquid and water are mixed in a required ratio to form foam solution. The KWR proportioner has an orifice of which the area changes in relation to the flow. This system secures correct proportioning within a wide range of flow.  The KWR has an integrated regulating nozzle that permits to easily change the mixing ratio.

      Water-Foam Nozzles

      Water-Foam Nozzles are discharge devices specially designed,open-type, air-aspirating sprinklers consisting of an open barrel body foam maker that terminates in a deflector to shape the pattern of the foam or water issuing from the assembly.

        High Expansion Foam Generator

        GAE High Expansion foam generators are used within 'inside air' applications, for the protection of enclosed spaces and are suitable for installations in warehouses, flammable liquid stores, aircraft hangars, tunnels and marine engine and pump rooms.